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Who has access to Contract Collection System data?

Lincoln Data customers' WCCS data resides on their own servers. Each installation may be configured to allow user access on a local area network, a wide area network or over the Internet.  The single-user system may be installed on a stand-alone PC with the database on the PC or a server.

Customers using our Internet Inquiry Interface upload data to a secured independent host in Spokane, WA protected by 3DES data encryption.  No data is shared with other companies.  Data uploaded to the Internet host does not include social security numbers or bank account numbers.

Why are programs like "Bank Reconciliation", "ACH Interface" and "Internet Inquiry" optional features?

These choices allow you to select the most cost-effective software for your needs.  You are not paying extra for software features or support you wouldn't use.  For example, a bank or private lender using the Contract Collection System may not issue checks and thus not need the integrated Bank Reconciliation System.  It may, however, require the ACH Interface or Internet Inquiry options.

Similarly, a larger contract collection company may benefit from the Internet Inquiry Interface where a smaller firm might not.  A title or escrow company servicing many loans may require most options.

How many accounts can be handled by the Contract Collection System?

Current customers service from fewer than 100 loans to several thousand.  More efficient installations manage more than 1,000 loans per employee.  Larger contract collection departments generally offer Internet Inquiry and ACH (payments and disbursements) which improves clerical efficiency.  There is no limit to the number of loans built into the software.  Most customers servicing more than 500 loans use the multi-user system.

What are the system requirements for the Contract Collection System?

The Windows Contract Collection System is installed on Windows7 and newer versions including Windows10.  Terminal Services is also supported.  A laser printer is required.  Disk storage requirements vary by the number of years’ payment history kept online and the volume of imaged documents stored.


    CCS services recreational property loans


      CCS services residential loans     

        Farms and Ranches

    CCS services loans for farms and ranches