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Lincoln Data's Contract Collection System is a Windows software package designed for commercial banks, title companies, escrow companies and private lenders who service seller-financed mortgages, trust deeds, real estate contracts and other installment notes.  This system is installed nationwide and offers accounting efficiency to firms servicing a few hundred (to many thousand) collection accounts.    


Comprehensive Reports

Inquiry Of

  • Trial Balance
  • Investor Reports
  • Year-End Statements
  • IRS 1098 and 1099 Forms
  • IRS Electronic Filing
  • Tickler Memo Reports
  • Account Status and Balances
  • Account History Ledger
  • Payment Disbursement Ledger
  • Contract Tickler Memos
  • Payoff Quotations
  • Amortization Schedules

Payment Processing

Data Import/Export

  • Daily or Monthly Interest
  • Tax and Insurance Reserves
  • Late Charges
  • Payment Coupons
  • Buyer/Seller Payment Notifications
  • Delinquent Payment Notices
  • ACH Debits (payments)
  • ACH Credits (disbursements)
  • Email Receipts 
  • Annual Statement Printing
  • Internet Inquiry
  • Cleared/Issued Checks


The Windows Contract Collection System “WCCS” is available in single and multi-user systems. WCCS operates on Windows 7 and newer versions including Windows 10.  Pricing for the Contract Collection System includes internet/telephone software training and three months of software support.  Ongoing support is available for an additional cost.  Software training and support are provided by an "accounting oriented" customer service staff.  Most support calls are taken real-time.

Some features are offered as options.  This allows our customers to select the most cost effective system for their needs, and not be paying for software or support they would not use.  For example, a bank WCCS customer might want the ACH Interface, but not require the Bank Reconciliation feature as they issue few checks.  A private lender servicing their own notes may need no optional features.  A larger company will benefit from the Internet Inquiry Interface, whereas a small company with local clients may not.  A title or escrow company servicing a large portfolio of loans would likely require all the optional features.



The following options allow you to select the most cost effective software for your needs:


Bank Reconciliation System - The Bank Reconciliation System is for firms that issue many checks and will reduce time required for balancing bank accounts.  It interfaces with the WCCS database to automatically transfer checks issued by the system into a separate check reconciliation file for the trust account.  “Point and click” and “range” clearing features allow fast and efficient check reconciliation.


Email Receipts - The email service provides buyer/seller statements by email and greatly reduces postage, forms and labor costs.


ACH Interface - The ACH Interface allows funds to be transferred electronically.  Use of ACH eliminates mailing checks to a seller or their bank and also allows payments to be made electronically.  Using ACH electronic funds transfer reduces postage and paper costs and improves posting efficiency.


wwwBranch Internet Inquiry - The Internet Inquiry Interface and host service provides "inquiry only" access to WCCS data linked to your website.  It allows password-protected inquiry and printing for your sellers and buyers who want (7 day – 24 hour) Internet access to their loans.  


    CCS services recreational property loans


      CCS services residential loans     

        Farms and Ranches

    CCS services loans for farms and ranches