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Those who use LINCOLN DATA's text-based or Windows Contract Collection System can be assured of complete data privacy and control as the data resides on your computer system.  It is not an ASP system where you are accessing your data via the Internet warehoused on another company's server.

Each Contract Collection System installation may be configured to allow user access on a local area network, wide area network or networked over the Internet.  In each case your data is located on your computer system.  The single-user system may be installed on a stand-alone PC or on a server.  Most customers maintain their data on a server even if the only user is a single workstation.  This allows easy backup and restore procedures.

Password security and file maintenance history features add further management control.  "Inquiry only" passwords allow easy and secure access for "occasional" users of the system.  "Supervisor only" passwords allow additional management oversight.

If you use our Internet Inquiry Interface the host is a secured independent computer service and no data is shared.  Data piracy is not a risk as no social security numbers and no bank account numbers are included in data uploaded for Internet Inquiry.  Internet Inquiry passwords allow each buyer and seller to view or print just their data.  Investors with multiple loans can use an investor level password to access all their accounts using a single password entry. privacy notice:

At LINCOLN DATA, we value your business and your right to privacy. The information that is gathered on this web page is voluntary. It is used for the sole purpose of contacting you with information about the Lincoln Data products.  In addition, this site does not use cookies (small files used by your web browser to track your user profile).

Our company policy does not allow the sale, rental, trade or other release of our customer lists. We may provide your company name, address, phone number and contact person to nonaffiliated companies that perform services or offer products used by our software.

We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about you with anyone for any purpose that is not specifically permitted by law.  LINCOLN DATA employees are responsible for adhering to strict confidentiality standards to protect any nonpublic information that they may have access to during the course of performing their duties.



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